I Remember – Celine

I Remember

Celine Papuga

   I remember when my best friend Mary and I had a mini pool party on our driveway.  It made us feel as if we were teenagers.

    I remember it was after school on a hot June day and we were sitting in the pool stuffing mini balloons in our bathing suits. We were in grade one and at that age you tend to do and think a lot of weird stuff.

I remember how Mary and I liked two guys that were brothers. At that time they seemed super cute.

   I remember that day when we were sitting in the pool and a white SUV drove by. I looked very carefully and noticed it was the car that the guys we liked had.

We quickly jumped out of the pool and ran down the street really fast, trying to catch up to it. We were drenched and our balloons were still firm in place. The part that made us upset was that we didn’t catch up to the car. Today when I look back to that time I laugh and am happy that I chose to do that.

   I remember when I went to Canada’s Wonderland for the first time. That whole school year I was talking and planning on what I should go on, wear and so on. It was like planning out the future.

   I remember when we arrived at Canada’s Wonderland and how fast my plans disappeared. From that point on I regret myself even talking about it because half of the rides I wrote on my list, I chickened out on. I will never do that again!

   I remember the day I got blankey. Blankey is a faded pink blanket with a rocking horse in the corner of it. The reason why I got her was because my dad told me how if earwigs go in your ear you become deaf.  At that point in time we had a lot of earwigs in the house. That’s why I got blankey. I would put blankey over my ears and then the earwigs wouldn’t be able to get in.

The day after my dad took my siblings and me to dollerama. That’s where I got blankey.

   I remember when I got the flu on New years. I started to feel queasy after I took a shower and before you knew it I was sitting in the bathroom trying to throw up.

At exactly 12:00am I threw up and did I ever feel good. It felt so good that little fireworks started to go off in my head.


I Remember – Robert

I Remember….

Robert Huntley

   I remember, the time my dear dog who sadly had to be put down. My parents went to try and help her but when they came back my mother came inside and started to cry my dad came out with nothing in his hands but an empty cage. Due to a bladder infection flies had laid eggs on her and started to eat holes through her body. Even though she felt nothing…. For me it felt like a part of me, just….Died. They say a dog is a man’s best friend. But nothing lasts forever.

   I remember, when my mother, my baby brother, and my baby sister were in a devastating car crash. Something I just can’t forget is the photo of the car. It looked like it went through a demolition. I could feel the sheer force of, horror, and terror crawling up my spine. But the relief I felt knowing that my mother, my baby brother, and my sister were alive but had some injuries from the shattered glass. But my brother and sister gained a trauma of alarms. We had thought our luck had come to an end.

    I remember, when my mom had won a car, a 2012 Mercedes Benz. We thought about it but the cost for the car would be too much considering recent events. So we chose to cash it in for money. I can still remember the horror movie scream, when she got the good news. We were so excited knowing that something good had finally happened to us.

   I remember, having to go to WestHeights Public School. I remember how nervous I was. Having to meet new friends, I recognized…. No one, no one at all. It felt like my very first time at school that feeling could never get rid of those unwanted feelings. Everyone else seemed to know each other, and I knew no one. Eventually I did make new friends and, it felt good knowing new people.

      I remember, getting a new puppy even though it has been a while since my other dog had to be put down it was hard to accept it at first but to me, it was too soon to love another dog like I did. I know I still have two other dogs at home, it I loved my previous one a lot but still, I have learned not to dwell on the past. All and all.

    I remember this as possibly the most stupid thing I’ve ever done, in fact for two reasons. My friend knocked on my door to go to the “park” then when I came out I went with him to “Bleams street” far from my home farther then where I should’ve been for that matter. But it was pretty much a pit for left over rubble from construction by my guess. So it was like a place for practicing rock climbing. But when leaving I fell and got a couple scars.

    I remember coming home from the “park” I lied to both my parents losing their trust. Since then I have felt guilty and sad for lying and almost losing the most precious thing to me…….. my life, my family, my siblings, and well everything. So after then I have always been thinking ahead before I go somewhere, and everywhere it counted. But since then I gained the trust back and made smarter decisions.

I Remember – Maryam

I Remember

Maryam Mughal 8-9

I remember going up the Eiffel Tower late at night when it was lit up and shining brightly.  Looking down at the city covered in twinkling lights, I didn’t want to leave.  From the faint smell of damp grass mixed with the aromas of freshly baked goods coming from the closing bakeries to the sound of laughter and pure joy, it seemed as though the city itself kept you in a trance.  I, for one, was truly captivated.  From that viewpoint, everything underneath you from the huge crowds of people to the countless little shops painted a picture in your mind that could, and will, last an eternity.

I remember when I was about six years old; I fell down the stairs at my house.  My mom heard and immediately ran to my rescue.  Over my never-ending tears and ear- piercing screams of pain, my mom kept reassuring me that it was going to be okay.  She was right… as always.

I remember when I rode a horse for the first time ever.  I was really looking forward to it; thought it would be fun.  I was definitely wrong about that.  The horse I was put on was crazy and uncontrollable and almost threw me off of its back.  This was my first time riding a horse and it will probably be my last, as well due to my obviously horrendous experience.

I remember how, in Florida, the busy crowds of tourists hurrying to get to every ride made everything so hectic that we lost my younger brother.  Through all of the chaos, we searched for him frantically.  Although we found him only about a minute later, a wave of relief simultaneously washed over all of us when we did.

I remember watching the brilliant fireworks one day.  The colours creating a magnificent contrast, the ear-splitting sounds and the blinding lights spread across the sky.  It was magical.

I remember when I got the opportunity to feed the dolphins at Sea World.  I was really excited up until the point when I was informed that the seagulls enjoy the dolphins’ food, too, and also had a tendency to “attack” anyone that had the food in hand for too long.   Because of this, I went near the ledge, dodged seagulls, and even pet a dolphin.  But, under no circumstances, did I feed one.

I Remember – Nick

I Remember Poem!

Nick Harland

 I remember when I first started skating and started playing hockey. I also remember when I scored my first goal on a breakaway when I was 6 years old during my first year of hockey. I felt really proud of myself for getting my first ever goal in hockey. I’ll never forget that memory.

 I remember when I first played road hockey and I got a hockey stick in the face and I started to cry because I got a big cut underneath my eye when I was 4 years old.

 I remember when I was young, my mom bought me a whole bunch of Lego because she noticed that I loved to build things. I had a lot of fun with Lego and I still build Lego today.

 I remember in 2010 when I got my Xbox360 for Christmas. I was the happiest person in the world because I really wanted that gift. When my parents gave me the Xbox360 for Christmas, I thank them a lot for the wonderful gift.

 I remember when I was very young, I first started playing baseball at the age of 3, and I hit my first homerun in the championship game. I felt like a champion because I hit my first ever homerun during the championship game. Then, later in the baseball game, we ended up losing the game by 1, but we were the runners up from the champions. I was really sad because I wanted to win so badly.

 I remember when I was 7 years old, my dad taught me how to ride my bike. It took me a week and a half every day until I can finally ride a two-wheeler. I’m very thankful that my dad taught me how to ride a two-wheeler.

 I remember when I first went to Subway for the first time with my family. I felt like I was the happiest person in the world because the subs were the best I’ve ever tasted in my life.

 I remember when I first went Trick-or-Treating on Halloween with my brother and my parents when I was only 3 years old. That was the best year because that was first year doing Trick-or-Treating and that I got lots and lots of CANDY that year when I was 3 years old.

 I remember going to Bingaman’s with my family for the first time. I was feeling really scared about going to Bingaman’s because I have never been there before. Then, when I went on a water slide for the first time that day, I felt amazed because I had a fun and had a really great time at Bingaman’s.

  I remember getting perfect on my French test early this year when I was 13 years old. I felt proud of myself because I never get perfect on French tests. That’s very positive about myself because I got perfect for the first time on French tests.





I Remember – Kaylyn

I Remember

Kaylyn Atack

I remember, going on a canoe trip with Michelle and Travis. We canoed for three hours along the Grand River until I found a hole in the bottom. I stayed in and Travis and Michelle got out, moved to different canoes and Alex came in. Alex and I got to the end mark in second place only 1 minute behind Travis, Nic and Nasar.

I remember scary stories with Paisley, we were in a dorm, on an over night sleepover for camp. It was 3:00 in the morning and we were bored so we told scary stories. This one included a ghost knocking on the door. When the story was almost done, the boys upstairs reached their hands down to our window and swiftly knocked six times, just like the story.

I remember zooming down the hill, full speed on my friend’s bike. It was a bright sunny mother’s day in 2008. I was biking down a hill when I saw a van slowly backing out of the driveway and the last thing I remembered before the sharp stabbing pain was “I wonder how to brake the bike?”

I remember, on a dark cloudy day when my friend Calia and I went to the park beside Westheights. We were on the swing set laughing and having fun; the next thing I remember was a couple of voices behind us. I turned around quickly to see who it was and fell of the swing. I opened my eyes and almost screamed, all I saw was five people staring down at me sympathetically, and then I closed my eyes.

I remember my two first goldfish, Doggy and kitty. I came home from kindergarten and found then floating upside down

I remember the first time I went in a haunted barn, I was nine years and the barn was meant for 13 year olds. I wasn’t scared of the people who jumped out at me. I said hello to them and carried on. The thing that scared me was a giant dummy with a crooked crown and a blood splattered knife.

I remember, the first time I went skating with my class was in grade two. Emily was pushing me on the chair, skating as fast as she could when we collided with Sara and Lexi.  I ended up on the bottom and got back on and continued, until we crashed into Ema and Courtney.










I Remember – David E


I Remember Poem

David Engel 8-9


I remember the invisible newspaper, my grandpa’s evil touch. He would buy the largest newspaper he could find and read behind it, his motionless self, scaring on lookers around him. The black and white print slowly moving from page to page as he went through the paper.

I remember “hopper” the stuffy who was lost and is now found. On are travels to Florida he was lost in a hotel somewhere in southern U.S.A. and was taking by housekeeping to Texas.

I remember Pepper the peppercorn coloured cat that would not die. She was my best friend from the day I came home, till the day she died. She would fight the evil that came to hind in my dreams and still stay the fluffy, fat cat she was.

I remember my first dog brandy that was the golden dog. Her golden brown fur, and her intelligence. The way the vet called her the garbage can because she would eat anything in her path. The trouble of not being able to go anywhere, without having a walkthrough of the house.

I remember Mrs. Berg my grade 2 teacher. Her curly hair and her smell of candy. Her willingness to help and the way she gave the full class pets to take care of. Her readiness to put others ahead of  her. Give them a helping hand when they were in trouble. 

I remember speeding down the steep mountainside hitting as many ramps as I could. Till it happened, the bike flew through the air. I hit my face straight on the ground with a big thud and a waterfall of blood.

I remember my first day of school, the fright in my head as I headed off into years of school. Having to leave my parents for the first time in my life, and having to spend more time at school then I do with my family. Having 20 years of school to look forward to including 8 years of  junior school, 2 years of middle school, 4 to 5 years of high school, and 4 to 8 years of university or college.

I remember yesterday when one of my friends got hit in the face with a football and fainted in the middle of game.

I remember getting into a car accident. My mom was getting onto the on ramp to the 401when an out of control car going double the speed limit hit the back of the car and forced us up on our front wheels.

I remember my first birthday gift. My german made kett car.


I Remember – Philip

I Remember Poem

Philip Gajdos 8-9

          I remember when I was on a wood ramp, and a BMX bike was coming, after going around the large cove with trees in the middle.  I jumped off the wood ramp.  The bike ran over my leg and there was lots of blood pouring out of my leg, like a waterfall of blood.  After that I ran to the house and in my dusty two-car garage.  My mom heard the cry and ran into the garage to find me with blood rushing out of my leg.  As soon as she saw the blood she took me in our green coloured van to the hospital where I got many stitches in my leg.

            I remember that night my mommy tucked me in, she gave me my brown and white dog (Tucker) and prayed with me, then she put on my multiple bug building quilt, and kissed me good night and left.  Once she left the room I started taking out my stitches, and sung a lullaby to tucker and went to sleep, in my twin captains’ bed.

            I remember the day I met Tucker.  I found him under the Christmas tree with a bow around him and a card.  I love, my stuff animals!

I remember the day Tucker lost one of his brown coloured eye.  I looked everywhere for the eye, under my bed where the monsters are at night, to my small cluttered full of things on my shelf, but I didn’t find tucker’s eye anywhere.  I cried under my blankets for, about a minute.  Of having tears drip down my face constantly that was like a waterfall and blowing the green snot out my nose to my sleeve.  After my mom heard my cry she ran to me in my bed to comfort me.

            I remember the first time I had Little Ceasers, smelling and eating the gooey and delicious cheese with crisp pepperoni on it.  That has small puddles of grease that brings out the flavour of the cheese and, the saltiness of the pepperoni.

            I remember my first trip to the dentist; my dad tricked me.  I thought I was going to get pizza.  But because I love pizza so much I had no question about going to Little Ceasers (dentist).  This was supposed to be my first time to go to Little Ceasers so I didn’t know the route.

             I remember that after we were there I realize it wasn’t Little Ceasers and instead the dentist.  My dad picked me up and held on to me as I kicked and screamed with fear.  I was terrified as the brown haired man with glasses and a white coat (the dentist) took the iron hook and touched my teeth with it.  After that he took his toothbrush and killed all the yellow plaque on my teeth.  The bubble gum flavour was just awful.  Then it was to a special retainer with green foam on it.  Then I got my toy from the yellow treasure box and went home.

           I remember the first time I went swimming in MM Robertson’s pool, beside the high school.  The water was freezing but after I was in, they couldn’t get me out.  

            I remember the first time I had salmon at my house.  Eating the BBQ salmon lightly salted and grilled to perfection with rice, lightly salted to give the flavour some oomph.

            I remember my best friend who was the first real friend I had, he had black hair, brown eyes and his tanned skin.  He normally wears a blue and black sweeter with black jeans.