I Remember – Noami

I Remember

Ashwinder 8-9

I remember the Halloween when I had to go to the bathroom really bad and I decided to go to the store Mac’s to use their bathroom.  I felt embarrassed but no one could tell because I was wearing a mask. When I got there the bathroom door would not open.  After a while the door opened and I did my business.  When I came out the man gave me free chips.

I remember the day I got my scar.  I fell on the concrete and had a number of rocks dig into my skin. The pain was agonizing. The blood was pouring out.  I had to have gauze on my elbow for six days.

I remember when I first came to Canada and I had to live at my aunt’s house. They had a dog-named Molson that I used to love very much and I used to play with him every day. One day when I came home and he was not there.  My heart collapsed and tears were coming to my eyes because Molson had passed away.  I still miss him to this day and wish that I could have one more day just to play with him.

I remember the day that I got a silver medal in a basketball tournament. I felt very happy because it was my first medal that I had ever gotten.

I remember when I bit a child in kindergarten because he was making fun of my turban. He was not badly injured but had to go to the nurse’s office for ointment. While I went to the principals office to have a talk with her.  After a few minutes I went back to the class and the kid was there. I apologized quickly for my bad decision.

I remember yesterday when I injured my knee. I was at Dante’s house and we were outside playing football. I was running toward the driveway, which was the end zone so I could get the touchdown. I collided with Dante and went flying and hit my knee against the jagged rock sticking out of the sidewalk. The rock buried deep into my skin and blood started pouring out. Nikola and Hady were laughing because they thought I was ok but I wasn’t. Dante ran into his house so he could get me some bandages. I was crying from the excruciating pain. After I put the bandages on they helped me up and over to a tree so I could rest my leg. They started to tell me jokes so I could coax with the pain. I had to call my mother to come pick me up because my leg hurt so much and I couldn’t walk at all. When I got home my mom cleaned up my cuts and I went to my room. After a period of time the pain came back and it hurt me so much. My mom gave me some painkillers and that seemed to help with the pain. I slept through the night and today my knee felt a lot better and I could walk again but my knee still hurts.


I Remember – Noami

I Remember

By: Noami Ricard

I remember my 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Currie, she was always happy and almost never got mad at us. When she taught, she always acted out her lessons so we would understand the lessons better.

I remember the end of the year trip to Medieval Times in grade teacher, the exciting jousting battles between all the teams, the delicious medieval food we got during the battles and, apple pie afterwards for dessert.

          I remember my cat, Peaches, he a one light peach coloured leg out of the rest of his dark black coat.

          I remember learning to ride my bike, I was seven years old and my parents took my training wheels off, I was really afraid I would fall off and hurt myself. It took me the whole entire day to ride it, and I fell down a lot, but by the end of the day I got the hang of it.

          I remember one of the scariest days ever. In grade three I changed schools in the middle of the year from Elizabeth Ziegler to Sandhills PS. I felt terrified, had no idea who anyone was, or anything about the school.

          I remember going to Canada’s Wonderland in grade 7 for being in the choir, which was the first year I got to go on the brand new ride, Leviathan, I was petrified the first time. But I got to go on it seven times in a row that day. It was such a fun day.

          I remember when my brother was born, I got to go and see him at Grand River Hospital, few hours after he was born on the cold night of December 5th. I remember holding him and how small he was. He was sleeping the whole time we were there but it still marked one of the most exciting days ever!

          I remember grade 6 graduation. We first got our names called by each class, walk across the stage to the other side and get our certificates. After that all the parents and student got to watch a video about our grade six year. The best part came at the end when we all got to have delicious cake and juice to end the day.

          I remember going to the Centre in the Square to see Wicked. It was incredible with the shining lights, and the loud music. It was an amazing experience. It was the very first Broadway play I’d ever seen.

          I remember going to a two-day art camp at the art museum, we did a lot of art projects during those days. I also got to see some of the art around the museum.

          I remember having to move from my favourite house. The house we lived on was the favourite house I ever lived in. It had 5 floors in it, a finished basement, a park down the street, and all my friends lived within a five-minute walk. I transferred to a different school in the middle and I had to leave all my friends from my old school. It was really sad to have to move.

I Remember – David W

I Remember

David Weiler

I remember the second         grade when I didn’t want to go to school because I was scared. I was scared of a boy named Donovan. He was six inches taller, 20 pounds heavier, and twice as wide. And he liked me. He liked me so much that he followed me everywhere, pushed me around and always wanted my attention. So while I was terrified of him, he thought we were best friends.

         I remember the first time I went golfing on an actual golf course. I was four years old. I remember thinking the golf clubs were worth more than gold. I remember skipping down the fairway, enjoying the scenery, wishing it would never end. I could see for miles on some holes, and I knew I’d be golfing a lot after that. I never stopped smiling a big goofy smile the whole time I was there, I was glowing with joy especially after I got an amazing score, a five. The hole was a 70 yard par three, a double bogey!

         I rememberkindercare. In fifth grade, my class was selected to bring the junior and senior kindergartens from the drop off area into the “holding pen”.

It was a fun job. A lot of the kids were adorable, especially the popular Robyn, who everyone fought to take. There were quite a few people who lived right near me. Jadyn (down the street), Liam (across the street), and Robyn (a block over). Ohh, the kids. I’m not a big fan of children, (my mom used to babysit little kids, up until the start of grade 7, and man were they annoying), but these kids, being not too old and not too young, were actually quite cute. I liked a lot of them, and looked forward to taking them.

           I remember hockey, and the only time I ever played goalie, back when we alternated positions in pre-tyke (the first year). I remember loving it, and thinking I was the best goalie ever. I mean, we won by an astonishing 6 goals (11-5)!

I Remember – Dante

I Remember

Dante Irish 8-9

I remember fracturing my wrist when I was 6 years old. I climbed up the counter and tried to activate my Spiderman powers! I leaped off of the bathroom counter and tried to stick to the wall! Unfortunately, I bounced off the wall and landed on my wrist. The pain was unbearable and I was and the floor bawling a eyes out, grasping my wrist.

I remember when I scored my first soccer goal in house league. It was the greatest feeling ever. My parents were so proud of me!

I remember seeing Transformers 3 in IMAX 3D Theatres in Vaughn. It was so much fun and the cool 3D effects and loud sounds made you feel like you were actually a part of the movie. Whenever the intense fight scenes came on, it made you feel like the robots were actually going to hit you.

I remember a couple of weeks ago I was playing football with some of my friends on the street. Ashwinder threw a long pass right in the middle of us. I leaped up into the air, snatched the ball, and landed. Suddenly, I felt my ankle give out under the pressure, and my ankle bent sideways! The pain was unbearable and I was rolling on the ground in excruciating pain. It felt like someone had taken a sledgehammer and shattered my ankle into a billion pieces. After that, I couldn’t walk for a week.

I remember about 3 years ago my soccer team had an awesome paintballing end of year party! It was so much fun when we played search and destroy. The intense moments and strategies that people made you feel like you were actually at war!

        I remember during the summer my friends and I had a foosball tournament at Ashwinder’s house. It was so much fun because we played loud music, ate food, and drank pop! Ashwinder won because he had the most practice on the foosball table.

I remember yesterday I was playing football with Ashwinder, Nikola, and Hady. Ashwinder was sprinting as fast as he could towards our end zone. Suddenly, we collided and he flew through the air like an airplane, and smashed his knee off of a jagged rock. He immediately started crying, grasping his knee. Blood was all over his hands and knees. I dashed inside my house and took back 3 band-aids for him. I could tell that the pain was tormenting him. We tried to relax him by trying to make him laugh and it seemed to work.

I Remember – Richie

I Remember

Richie Angad 8-9

I remember my grade three teacher. She sounded like a guy, had brown and black hair. She would always come to school with over done make up. She loves to talk, and the thing I always hated about her is she would be behind my back and watching what I’ll do next.

I remember my first time joining baseball. I had the nicest coach I ever had. He had blonde hair round head, blue eyes, and skinny body. But the only thing is that he care is he always wants the team to win.

I remember stepping in my school. I see the inside of Sandhills Public School. It looked like it was made 1 year ago, just like a brand new home. It had white and yellow walls all over the school and the classrooms. It WAS SOOOOO COOL. The teachers looked nice but when I saw some teachers talk to some kids, I was wrong.

I remember my grade 7 teacher (Mrs LB), a music teacher. She had brown hair and blonde strips on her hair. She would always embarrass herself every time we always visit her. She would do it in the front of the class. She IS the BEST TEACHER I EVER HAD.

I remember going to Westheights Public School. It felt like I started a new life. You really didn’t know any teachers or who would be in your class in a new school. It was kind of scared of which teacher I had and who I had. When I came to Westheights last year I want about 15 minutes late. So I came in and was shocked as an electric SHOCK. I came in the gym and I was embarrasses to come in.

I remember my old house. My parents and my grandparents were living with me. My parents were the first one to build the house on the street. My street name was 195 grey fox drive. After a few years other people started to build house on the street. I was happy about it. My house inside was the best inside you would ever saw in a small house. I thought I was the richest kid on the street, but I was. My room was the biggest bedroom in the house. It had

I remember my 2 and 3 teacher at my old school I had her for 2 grades. Her name was Mrs Franklin. She was the worst 1 and 2 grade teacher. She would always pick on me because she says I was in her class last year.


I Remember – Prateek

My Life

By: Prateek Bansal 8-9

            I remember Mrs. Currie, my grade 4 teacher in class 10-D. She was 52 years old then and always smiled and encouraged her students through any work. Even on the muddiest and rainiest of days, Mrs. Currie was always happy, loving and caring for all of her students, as stubborn as some were. I loved her class so much, that to this day, she is my 2nd favourite teacher. I even came back to her class in grade 5 and 6 during the Halloween party for “ghoul punch”. I always got the last glass.

            I remember playing my first video game, Pokemon Emerald, at the age of 6. It got me into video games and RPG’s alike, making me love video games.

            I remember Wilbur, my imaginary pet pig. My friends cooked him into bacon. I was sad.

            I remember my first video game convention. I met my idol Chuggaa (Chuggaaconroy) A.K.A Emiliano Rosales Birou. I hung around in his shadow the whole two days. I met Jon and Tim too, making the whole Runaway Guys panel together. All of the other Gamers I met were amazing too, ranging from really famous ones such as JonTron, to really obscure but good gamers such as AttackingTucans. It was a really fun two days, and I would definitely do it again if I could. I felt like I could possibly become one of them sometime in the future.

            I remember getting my Nintendo Wii for Christmas on Christmas 2010. I’ve played it more hours than I can count, making it my most favourite console of this generation. My favourite game ever, Mario Kart Wii, is obviously on this system, adding a big bonus. Unfortunately it broke earlier this year, which made me a very sad gamer for possibly the rest of my life. I shall love it forever.

            I remember my first A+ ever in junior kindergarten. I had straight A’s that year, then next year I got straight A+’s.J!

            I remember Edward Elric, the “Fullmetal Alchemist”. He is my favourite anime character ever and I constantly watch the episodes all over again. The gist of the story is that Edward and his Brother Alphonse’s mother died, so they use this combination of art, science and magic called alchemy to try to resurrect her. They fail so Edward loses his left leg and Alphonse loses his entire body, which causes Edward to sacrifice his right arm to get his soul back and be alive. The whole adventure is them venturing through the land trying to get their real bodies back. It was a very touching and amazing story, showing how much depth modern media can have, winding its way into a mystery and a mass fighting spree near the end.

I remember getting my scar on my left arm when I was 2. I had a cold that day, so my mom brought me boiling water in a container, so I could inhale steam and clear sinuses. However, I was on a bed and it bounced, spilling water all over me. I was rushed to 5 hospitals over the course of 9 days, but it still left a mark and became an identification symbol for me. It has slowly healed over time but still looks very deformed and odd to the touch. I love freaking people out with it and the first reactions are unforgettable and hilarious.

I remember my first Mario Kart Wii world record, it was on DK Summit and I felt proud that a ten year old was better than 16-18 year olds.

I remember Hatsune Miku, a computer-generated Japanese pop idol. Her songs give millions hope and I agree with all of them.

I remember Team Fortress 2, my favourite shooting game ever.

I remember Pokemon cards. I played them all the time and went to many tournaments with them in hopes of becoming well known and playing to get money for candy and little boy things. The format I played in was Majestic Dawn-on, while the current format is Black and White-on. I constantly played and actually won a tournament to go onto the regional championships in Toronto. The deck I used was SableDonk, which ended up winning worlds, but not by me.

I remember doing the laundry for the first time. The socks smelled good. I was happy.

I remember Mrs. Shanks, my insanely mean senior kindergarten teacher. She had yellow, crooked, grimy teeth.

I remember Morgan Filapowitzch. I hated her. Then she moved away.

I remember when I went trick-or-treating as a girl. It was the first time my dad didn’t follow me around all night. My friends were also there, so I had fun all night, with the homeowners always laughed and commented on the hilarious irony.

I Remember – Celine

I Remember

Celine Papuga

   I remember when my best friend Mary and I had a mini pool party on our driveway.  It made us feel as if we were teenagers.

    I remember it was after school on a hot June day and we were sitting in the pool stuffing mini balloons in our bathing suits. We were in grade one and at that age you tend to do and think a lot of weird stuff.

I remember how Mary and I liked two guys that were brothers. At that time they seemed super cute.

   I remember that day when we were sitting in the pool and a white SUV drove by. I looked very carefully and noticed it was the car that the guys we liked had.

We quickly jumped out of the pool and ran down the street really fast, trying to catch up to it. We were drenched and our balloons were still firm in place. The part that made us upset was that we didn’t catch up to the car. Today when I look back to that time I laugh and am happy that I chose to do that.

   I remember when I went to Canada’s Wonderland for the first time. That whole school year I was talking and planning on what I should go on, wear and so on. It was like planning out the future.

   I remember when we arrived at Canada’s Wonderland and how fast my plans disappeared. From that point on I regret myself even talking about it because half of the rides I wrote on my list, I chickened out on. I will never do that again!

   I remember the day I got blankey. Blankey is a faded pink blanket with a rocking horse in the corner of it. The reason why I got her was because my dad told me how if earwigs go in your ear you become deaf.  At that point in time we had a lot of earwigs in the house. That’s why I got blankey. I would put blankey over my ears and then the earwigs wouldn’t be able to get in.

The day after my dad took my siblings and me to dollerama. That’s where I got blankey.

   I remember when I got the flu on New years. I started to feel queasy after I took a shower and before you knew it I was sitting in the bathroom trying to throw up.

At exactly 12:00am I threw up and did I ever feel good. It felt so good that little fireworks started to go off in my head.