Looking Back on Me – by Madi

Look Back On Me

 Madi Densmore   8-9

I remember Mrs. Cassidy, my grade one teacher. I remember her dark brown hair, and her calming voice that always lead me into the classroom. I remember how at each lunch break, she would put on the “abc song” and we would all sing along.

 I remember the time I had to put down my cat. I remember that I felt like I lost a friend. I remember how I got to see her blonde and brown streaks one last time before I knew I was never going to see her again.

 I remember when soft, fluffy snowflakes were still falling Christmas morning. I remember how instead of cookies I found orange peels lying in a path way to the front yard. I remember how my brother and I followed those orange peels outside. I remember finding a note from Santa in a bottle.

 I remember when I got my first migraine. I couldn’t see out of my one eye and in the other eye everything was pixelated. It was like I was staring into stain glass from an old church.  I remember when I had a headache for more then two days. I remember hiding in the dark because I knew the light would only make the migraine worse.

 I remember the first time I went down a waterside. I was about six years old. I remember being scared but watching my dad go down with a big smile, not talking his eyes off me I choose to


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