I Remember – Robert

I Remember….

Robert Huntley

   I remember, the time my dear dog who sadly had to be put down. My parents went to try and help her but when they came back my mother came inside and started to cry my dad came out with nothing in his hands but an empty cage. Due to a bladder infection flies had laid eggs on her and started to eat holes through her body. Even though she felt nothing…. For me it felt like a part of me, just….Died. They say a dog is a man’s best friend. But nothing lasts forever.

   I remember, when my mother, my baby brother, and my baby sister were in a devastating car crash. Something I just can’t forget is the photo of the car. It looked like it went through a demolition. I could feel the sheer force of, horror, and terror crawling up my spine. But the relief I felt knowing that my mother, my baby brother, and my sister were alive but had some injuries from the shattered glass. But my brother and sister gained a trauma of alarms. We had thought our luck had come to an end.

    I remember, when my mom had won a car, a 2012 Mercedes Benz. We thought about it but the cost for the car would be too much considering recent events. So we chose to cash it in for money. I can still remember the horror movie scream, when she got the good news. We were so excited knowing that something good had finally happened to us.

   I remember, having to go to WestHeights Public School. I remember how nervous I was. Having to meet new friends, I recognized…. No one, no one at all. It felt like my very first time at school that feeling could never get rid of those unwanted feelings. Everyone else seemed to know each other, and I knew no one. Eventually I did make new friends and, it felt good knowing new people.

      I remember, getting a new puppy even though it has been a while since my other dog had to be put down it was hard to accept it at first but to me, it was too soon to love another dog like I did. I know I still have two other dogs at home, it I loved my previous one a lot but still, I have learned not to dwell on the past. All and all.

    I remember this as possibly the most stupid thing I’ve ever done, in fact for two reasons. My friend knocked on my door to go to the “park” then when I came out I went with him to “Bleams street” far from my home farther then where I should’ve been for that matter. But it was pretty much a pit for left over rubble from construction by my guess. So it was like a place for practicing rock climbing. But when leaving I fell and got a couple scars.

    I remember coming home from the “park” I lied to both my parents losing their trust. Since then I have felt guilty and sad for lying and almost losing the most precious thing to me…….. my life, my family, my siblings, and well everything. So after then I have always been thinking ahead before I go somewhere, and everywhere it counted. But since then I gained the trust back and made smarter decisions.


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