I Remember – Richie

I Remember

Richie Angad 8-9

I remember my grade three teacher. She sounded like a guy, had brown and black hair. She would always come to school with over done make up. She loves to talk, and the thing I always hated about her is she would be behind my back and watching what I’ll do next.

I remember my first time joining baseball. I had the nicest coach I ever had. He had blonde hair round head, blue eyes, and skinny body. But the only thing is that he care is he always wants the team to win.

I remember stepping in my school. I see the inside of Sandhills Public School. It looked like it was made 1 year ago, just like a brand new home. It had white and yellow walls all over the school and the classrooms. It WAS SOOOOO COOL. The teachers looked nice but when I saw some teachers talk to some kids, I was wrong.

I remember my grade 7 teacher (Mrs LB), a music teacher. She had brown hair and blonde strips on her hair. She would always embarrass herself every time we always visit her. She would do it in the front of the class. She IS the BEST TEACHER I EVER HAD.

I remember going to Westheights Public School. It felt like I started a new life. You really didn’t know any teachers or who would be in your class in a new school. It was kind of scared of which teacher I had and who I had. When I came to Westheights last year I want about 15 minutes late. So I came in and was shocked as an electric SHOCK. I came in the gym and I was embarrasses to come in.

I remember my old house. My parents and my grandparents were living with me. My parents were the first one to build the house on the street. My street name was 195 grey fox drive. After a few years other people started to build house on the street. I was happy about it. My house inside was the best inside you would ever saw in a small house. I thought I was the richest kid on the street, but I was. My room was the biggest bedroom in the house. It had

I remember my 2 and 3 teacher at my old school I had her for 2 grades. Her name was Mrs Franklin. She was the worst 1 and 2 grade teacher. She would always pick on me because she says I was in her class last year.



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