I Remember – Prateek

My Life

By: Prateek Bansal 8-9

            I remember Mrs. Currie, my grade 4 teacher in class 10-D. She was 52 years old then and always smiled and encouraged her students through any work. Even on the muddiest and rainiest of days, Mrs. Currie was always happy, loving and caring for all of her students, as stubborn as some were. I loved her class so much, that to this day, she is my 2nd favourite teacher. I even came back to her class in grade 5 and 6 during the Halloween party for “ghoul punch”. I always got the last glass.

            I remember playing my first video game, Pokemon Emerald, at the age of 6. It got me into video games and RPG’s alike, making me love video games.

            I remember Wilbur, my imaginary pet pig. My friends cooked him into bacon. I was sad.

            I remember my first video game convention. I met my idol Chuggaa (Chuggaaconroy) A.K.A Emiliano Rosales Birou. I hung around in his shadow the whole two days. I met Jon and Tim too, making the whole Runaway Guys panel together. All of the other Gamers I met were amazing too, ranging from really famous ones such as JonTron, to really obscure but good gamers such as AttackingTucans. It was a really fun two days, and I would definitely do it again if I could. I felt like I could possibly become one of them sometime in the future.

            I remember getting my Nintendo Wii for Christmas on Christmas 2010. I’ve played it more hours than I can count, making it my most favourite console of this generation. My favourite game ever, Mario Kart Wii, is obviously on this system, adding a big bonus. Unfortunately it broke earlier this year, which made me a very sad gamer for possibly the rest of my life. I shall love it forever.

            I remember my first A+ ever in junior kindergarten. I had straight A’s that year, then next year I got straight A+’s.J!

            I remember Edward Elric, the “Fullmetal Alchemist”. He is my favourite anime character ever and I constantly watch the episodes all over again. The gist of the story is that Edward and his Brother Alphonse’s mother died, so they use this combination of art, science and magic called alchemy to try to resurrect her. They fail so Edward loses his left leg and Alphonse loses his entire body, which causes Edward to sacrifice his right arm to get his soul back and be alive. The whole adventure is them venturing through the land trying to get their real bodies back. It was a very touching and amazing story, showing how much depth modern media can have, winding its way into a mystery and a mass fighting spree near the end.

I remember getting my scar on my left arm when I was 2. I had a cold that day, so my mom brought me boiling water in a container, so I could inhale steam and clear sinuses. However, I was on a bed and it bounced, spilling water all over me. I was rushed to 5 hospitals over the course of 9 days, but it still left a mark and became an identification symbol for me. It has slowly healed over time but still looks very deformed and odd to the touch. I love freaking people out with it and the first reactions are unforgettable and hilarious.

I remember my first Mario Kart Wii world record, it was on DK Summit and I felt proud that a ten year old was better than 16-18 year olds.

I remember Hatsune Miku, a computer-generated Japanese pop idol. Her songs give millions hope and I agree with all of them.

I remember Team Fortress 2, my favourite shooting game ever.

I remember Pokemon cards. I played them all the time and went to many tournaments with them in hopes of becoming well known and playing to get money for candy and little boy things. The format I played in was Majestic Dawn-on, while the current format is Black and White-on. I constantly played and actually won a tournament to go onto the regional championships in Toronto. The deck I used was SableDonk, which ended up winning worlds, but not by me.

I remember doing the laundry for the first time. The socks smelled good. I was happy.

I remember Mrs. Shanks, my insanely mean senior kindergarten teacher. She had yellow, crooked, grimy teeth.

I remember Morgan Filapowitzch. I hated her. Then she moved away.

I remember when I went trick-or-treating as a girl. It was the first time my dad didn’t follow me around all night. My friends were also there, so I had fun all night, with the homeowners always laughed and commented on the hilarious irony.


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