I Remember – Philip

I Remember Poem

Philip Gajdos 8-9

          I remember when I was on a wood ramp, and a BMX bike was coming, after going around the large cove with trees in the middle.  I jumped off the wood ramp.  The bike ran over my leg and there was lots of blood pouring out of my leg, like a waterfall of blood.  After that I ran to the house and in my dusty two-car garage.  My mom heard the cry and ran into the garage to find me with blood rushing out of my leg.  As soon as she saw the blood she took me in our green coloured van to the hospital where I got many stitches in my leg.

            I remember that night my mommy tucked me in, she gave me my brown and white dog (Tucker) and prayed with me, then she put on my multiple bug building quilt, and kissed me good night and left.  Once she left the room I started taking out my stitches, and sung a lullaby to tucker and went to sleep, in my twin captains’ bed.

            I remember the day I met Tucker.  I found him under the Christmas tree with a bow around him and a card.  I love, my stuff animals!

I remember the day Tucker lost one of his brown coloured eye.  I looked everywhere for the eye, under my bed where the monsters are at night, to my small cluttered full of things on my shelf, but I didn’t find tucker’s eye anywhere.  I cried under my blankets for, about a minute.  Of having tears drip down my face constantly that was like a waterfall and blowing the green snot out my nose to my sleeve.  After my mom heard my cry she ran to me in my bed to comfort me.

            I remember the first time I had Little Ceasers, smelling and eating the gooey and delicious cheese with crisp pepperoni on it.  That has small puddles of grease that brings out the flavour of the cheese and, the saltiness of the pepperoni.

            I remember my first trip to the dentist; my dad tricked me.  I thought I was going to get pizza.  But because I love pizza so much I had no question about going to Little Ceasers (dentist).  This was supposed to be my first time to go to Little Ceasers so I didn’t know the route.

             I remember that after we were there I realize it wasn’t Little Ceasers and instead the dentist.  My dad picked me up and held on to me as I kicked and screamed with fear.  I was terrified as the brown haired man with glasses and a white coat (the dentist) took the iron hook and touched my teeth with it.  After that he took his toothbrush and killed all the yellow plaque on my teeth.  The bubble gum flavour was just awful.  Then it was to a special retainer with green foam on it.  Then I got my toy from the yellow treasure box and went home.

           I remember the first time I went swimming in MM Robertson’s pool, beside the high school.  The water was freezing but after I was in, they couldn’t get me out.  

            I remember the first time I had salmon at my house.  Eating the BBQ salmon lightly salted and grilled to perfection with rice, lightly salted to give the flavour some oomph.

            I remember my best friend who was the first real friend I had, he had black hair, brown eyes and his tanned skin.  He normally wears a blue and black sweeter with black jeans.


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