I Remember – Noami

I Remember

By: Noami Ricard

I remember my 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Currie, she was always happy and almost never got mad at us. When she taught, she always acted out her lessons so we would understand the lessons better.

I remember the end of the year trip to Medieval Times in grade teacher, the exciting jousting battles between all the teams, the delicious medieval food we got during the battles and, apple pie afterwards for dessert.

          I remember my cat, Peaches, he a one light peach coloured leg out of the rest of his dark black coat.

          I remember learning to ride my bike, I was seven years old and my parents took my training wheels off, I was really afraid I would fall off and hurt myself. It took me the whole entire day to ride it, and I fell down a lot, but by the end of the day I got the hang of it.

          I remember one of the scariest days ever. In grade three I changed schools in the middle of the year from Elizabeth Ziegler to Sandhills PS. I felt terrified, had no idea who anyone was, or anything about the school.

          I remember going to Canada’s Wonderland in grade 7 for being in the choir, which was the first year I got to go on the brand new ride, Leviathan, I was petrified the first time. But I got to go on it seven times in a row that day. It was such a fun day.

          I remember when my brother was born, I got to go and see him at Grand River Hospital, few hours after he was born on the cold night of December 5th. I remember holding him and how small he was. He was sleeping the whole time we were there but it still marked one of the most exciting days ever!

          I remember grade 6 graduation. We first got our names called by each class, walk across the stage to the other side and get our certificates. After that all the parents and student got to watch a video about our grade six year. The best part came at the end when we all got to have delicious cake and juice to end the day.

          I remember going to the Centre in the Square to see Wicked. It was incredible with the shining lights, and the loud music. It was an amazing experience. It was the very first Broadway play I’d ever seen.

          I remember going to a two-day art camp at the art museum, we did a lot of art projects during those days. I also got to see some of the art around the museum.

          I remember having to move from my favourite house. The house we lived on was the favourite house I ever lived in. It had 5 floors in it, a finished basement, a park down the street, and all my friends lived within a five-minute walk. I transferred to a different school in the middle and I had to leave all my friends from my old school. It was really sad to have to move.


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