I Remember – Noami

I Remember

Ashwinder 8-9

I remember the Halloween when I had to go to the bathroom really bad and I decided to go to the store Mac’s to use their bathroom.  I felt embarrassed but no one could tell because I was wearing a mask. When I got there the bathroom door would not open.  After a while the door opened and I did my business.  When I came out the man gave me free chips.

I remember the day I got my scar.  I fell on the concrete and had a number of rocks dig into my skin. The pain was agonizing. The blood was pouring out.  I had to have gauze on my elbow for six days.

I remember when I first came to Canada and I had to live at my aunt’s house. They had a dog-named Molson that I used to love very much and I used to play with him every day. One day when I came home and he was not there.  My heart collapsed and tears were coming to my eyes because Molson had passed away.  I still miss him to this day and wish that I could have one more day just to play with him.

I remember the day that I got a silver medal in a basketball tournament. I felt very happy because it was my first medal that I had ever gotten.

I remember when I bit a child in kindergarten because he was making fun of my turban. He was not badly injured but had to go to the nurse’s office for ointment. While I went to the principals office to have a talk with her.  After a few minutes I went back to the class and the kid was there. I apologized quickly for my bad decision.

I remember yesterday when I injured my knee. I was at Dante’s house and we were outside playing football. I was running toward the driveway, which was the end zone so I could get the touchdown. I collided with Dante and went flying and hit my knee against the jagged rock sticking out of the sidewalk. The rock buried deep into my skin and blood started pouring out. Nikola and Hady were laughing because they thought I was ok but I wasn’t. Dante ran into his house so he could get me some bandages. I was crying from the excruciating pain. After I put the bandages on they helped me up and over to a tree so I could rest my leg. They started to tell me jokes so I could coax with the pain. I had to call my mother to come pick me up because my leg hurt so much and I couldn’t walk at all. When I got home my mom cleaned up my cuts and I went to my room. After a period of time the pain came back and it hurt me so much. My mom gave me some painkillers and that seemed to help with the pain. I slept through the night and today my knee felt a lot better and I could walk again but my knee still hurts.


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