I Remember – Maryam

I Remember

Maryam Mughal 8-9

I remember going up the Eiffel Tower late at night when it was lit up and shining brightly.  Looking down at the city covered in twinkling lights, I didn’t want to leave.  From the faint smell of damp grass mixed with the aromas of freshly baked goods coming from the closing bakeries to the sound of laughter and pure joy, it seemed as though the city itself kept you in a trance.  I, for one, was truly captivated.  From that viewpoint, everything underneath you from the huge crowds of people to the countless little shops painted a picture in your mind that could, and will, last an eternity.

I remember when I was about six years old; I fell down the stairs at my house.  My mom heard and immediately ran to my rescue.  Over my never-ending tears and ear- piercing screams of pain, my mom kept reassuring me that it was going to be okay.  She was right… as always.

I remember when I rode a horse for the first time ever.  I was really looking forward to it; thought it would be fun.  I was definitely wrong about that.  The horse I was put on was crazy and uncontrollable and almost threw me off of its back.  This was my first time riding a horse and it will probably be my last, as well due to my obviously horrendous experience.

I remember how, in Florida, the busy crowds of tourists hurrying to get to every ride made everything so hectic that we lost my younger brother.  Through all of the chaos, we searched for him frantically.  Although we found him only about a minute later, a wave of relief simultaneously washed over all of us when we did.

I remember watching the brilliant fireworks one day.  The colours creating a magnificent contrast, the ear-splitting sounds and the blinding lights spread across the sky.  It was magical.

I remember when I got the opportunity to feed the dolphins at Sea World.  I was really excited up until the point when I was informed that the seagulls enjoy the dolphins’ food, too, and also had a tendency to “attack” anyone that had the food in hand for too long.   Because of this, I went near the ledge, dodged seagulls, and even pet a dolphin.  But, under no circumstances, did I feed one.


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