I Remember – Kaylyn

I Remember

Kaylyn Atack

I remember, going on a canoe trip with Michelle and Travis. We canoed for three hours along the Grand River until I found a hole in the bottom. I stayed in and Travis and Michelle got out, moved to different canoes and Alex came in. Alex and I got to the end mark in second place only 1 minute behind Travis, Nic and Nasar.

I remember scary stories with Paisley, we were in a dorm, on an over night sleepover for camp. It was 3:00 in the morning and we were bored so we told scary stories. This one included a ghost knocking on the door. When the story was almost done, the boys upstairs reached their hands down to our window and swiftly knocked six times, just like the story.

I remember zooming down the hill, full speed on my friend’s bike. It was a bright sunny mother’s day in 2008. I was biking down a hill when I saw a van slowly backing out of the driveway and the last thing I remembered before the sharp stabbing pain was “I wonder how to brake the bike?”

I remember, on a dark cloudy day when my friend Calia and I went to the park beside Westheights. We were on the swing set laughing and having fun; the next thing I remember was a couple of voices behind us. I turned around quickly to see who it was and fell of the swing. I opened my eyes and almost screamed, all I saw was five people staring down at me sympathetically, and then I closed my eyes.

I remember my two first goldfish, Doggy and kitty. I came home from kindergarten and found then floating upside down

I remember the first time I went in a haunted barn, I was nine years and the barn was meant for 13 year olds. I wasn’t scared of the people who jumped out at me. I said hello to them and carried on. The thing that scared me was a giant dummy with a crooked crown and a blood splattered knife.

I remember, the first time I went skating with my class was in grade two. Emily was pushing me on the chair, skating as fast as she could when we collided with Sara and Lexi.  I ended up on the bottom and got back on and continued, until we crashed into Ema and Courtney.











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