I Remember – David W

I Remember

David Weiler

I remember the second         grade when I didn’t want to go to school because I was scared. I was scared of a boy named Donovan. He was six inches taller, 20 pounds heavier, and twice as wide. And he liked me. He liked me so much that he followed me everywhere, pushed me around and always wanted my attention. So while I was terrified of him, he thought we were best friends.

         I remember the first time I went golfing on an actual golf course. I was four years old. I remember thinking the golf clubs were worth more than gold. I remember skipping down the fairway, enjoying the scenery, wishing it would never end. I could see for miles on some holes, and I knew I’d be golfing a lot after that. I never stopped smiling a big goofy smile the whole time I was there, I was glowing with joy especially after I got an amazing score, a five. The hole was a 70 yard par three, a double bogey!

         I rememberkindercare. In fifth grade, my class was selected to bring the junior and senior kindergartens from the drop off area into the “holding pen”.

It was a fun job. A lot of the kids were adorable, especially the popular Robyn, who everyone fought to take. There were quite a few people who lived right near me. Jadyn (down the street), Liam (across the street), and Robyn (a block over). Ohh, the kids. I’m not a big fan of children, (my mom used to babysit little kids, up until the start of grade 7, and man were they annoying), but these kids, being not too old and not too young, were actually quite cute. I liked a lot of them, and looked forward to taking them.

           I remember hockey, and the only time I ever played goalie, back when we alternated positions in pre-tyke (the first year). I remember loving it, and thinking I was the best goalie ever. I mean, we won by an astonishing 6 goals (11-5)!


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