I Remember – David E


I Remember Poem

David Engel 8-9


I remember the invisible newspaper, my grandpa’s evil touch. He would buy the largest newspaper he could find and read behind it, his motionless self, scaring on lookers around him. The black and white print slowly moving from page to page as he went through the paper.

I remember “hopper” the stuffy who was lost and is now found. On are travels to Florida he was lost in a hotel somewhere in southern U.S.A. and was taking by housekeeping to Texas.

I remember Pepper the peppercorn coloured cat that would not die. She was my best friend from the day I came home, till the day she died. She would fight the evil that came to hind in my dreams and still stay the fluffy, fat cat she was.

I remember my first dog brandy that was the golden dog. Her golden brown fur, and her intelligence. The way the vet called her the garbage can because she would eat anything in her path. The trouble of not being able to go anywhere, without having a walkthrough of the house.

I remember Mrs. Berg my grade 2 teacher. Her curly hair and her smell of candy. Her willingness to help and the way she gave the full class pets to take care of. Her readiness to put others ahead of  her. Give them a helping hand when they were in trouble. 

I remember speeding down the steep mountainside hitting as many ramps as I could. Till it happened, the bike flew through the air. I hit my face straight on the ground with a big thud and a waterfall of blood.

I remember my first day of school, the fright in my head as I headed off into years of school. Having to leave my parents for the first time in my life, and having to spend more time at school then I do with my family. Having 20 years of school to look forward to including 8 years of  junior school, 2 years of middle school, 4 to 5 years of high school, and 4 to 8 years of university or college.

I remember yesterday when one of my friends got hit in the face with a football and fainted in the middle of game.

I remember getting into a car accident. My mom was getting onto the on ramp to the 401when an out of control car going double the speed limit hit the back of the car and forced us up on our front wheels.

I remember my first birthday gift. My german made kett car.



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