I Remember – Celine

I Remember

Celine Papuga

   I remember when my best friend Mary and I had a mini pool party on our driveway.  It made us feel as if we were teenagers.

    I remember it was after school on a hot June day and we were sitting in the pool stuffing mini balloons in our bathing suits. We were in grade one and at that age you tend to do and think a lot of weird stuff.

I remember how Mary and I liked two guys that were brothers. At that time they seemed super cute.

   I remember that day when we were sitting in the pool and a white SUV drove by. I looked very carefully and noticed it was the car that the guys we liked had.

We quickly jumped out of the pool and ran down the street really fast, trying to catch up to it. We were drenched and our balloons were still firm in place. The part that made us upset was that we didn’t catch up to the car. Today when I look back to that time I laugh and am happy that I chose to do that.

   I remember when I went to Canada’s Wonderland for the first time. That whole school year I was talking and planning on what I should go on, wear and so on. It was like planning out the future.

   I remember when we arrived at Canada’s Wonderland and how fast my plans disappeared. From that point on I regret myself even talking about it because half of the rides I wrote on my list, I chickened out on. I will never do that again!

   I remember the day I got blankey. Blankey is a faded pink blanket with a rocking horse in the corner of it. The reason why I got her was because my dad told me how if earwigs go in your ear you become deaf.  At that point in time we had a lot of earwigs in the house. That’s why I got blankey. I would put blankey over my ears and then the earwigs wouldn’t be able to get in.

The day after my dad took my siblings and me to dollerama. That’s where I got blankey.

   I remember when I got the flu on New years. I started to feel queasy after I took a shower and before you knew it I was sitting in the bathroom trying to throw up.

At exactly 12:00am I threw up and did I ever feel good. It felt so good that little fireworks started to go off in my head.


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