I Remember – Alec

I Remember by:

Alec Knight 8-9

 I remember my cat Petie, who was put down to end his suffering. He had pure black fur and his tail was tipped white like the top of a mountain. He was my oldest friend, never to be seen again.
I remember cuddling my teddy bear at night. His light brown fur and his eyes like coal watched over me and made me feel safe. He was my guardian angel.
I remember when we got my cat Belle; her many patches of fur were black, white, and light brown. She fit in my dad’s hand.
I remember walking through the museum, seeing wings viciously torn off of fighter planes, with drawings, like sharks, on them, and hung on the wall like memorials from war. The sunlight, from the skylights’ placement in the ceiling, projected Morse code on the ground like a movie projector. Tanks and army vehicles littered the space, damaged from war. The stories of people who suffered great loss during war were saddening. It was a school dedicated to war.
I remember the year my family and I went camping at Port Burwell. The campground was infested with disgusting, buzzing wasps. Packing up was a nightmare. The revolting creatures swarmed a cooler that my younger brother had spilled a drink in. I was terrified, as I am scared of wasps. 
I remember when I got my guitar from the Long and Mcquade music store in waterloo. The sheer surprise when I heard that we were getting made my heart skip a beat.
 I remember my guitar, and its smooth, glossy surface. I remember how the black and orange sunburst paint job looked nice on the Les Paul body. The words Epiphone Special II, were painted on the pure black head at the end of the neck, of the smooth polished guitar.
I remember getting my cell phone for Christmas two years ago. I had wanted one SO badly! I was overjoyed beyond belief.
I remember opening the present, not knowing what was in store. I ripped off the wrapping paper, revealing the box. I COULDN’T BELIEVE MY EYES!  I was overjoyed to hold the smooth black surface of my new cell phone. The keyboard slid up with click turning the picture on my screen sideways, as they lights on the letters blared to life. I was over the moon! 
I remember my Gr. 7 music teacher, Mrs. L.B, and the way she used humour to teach us as she happily pranced around the room and made fun of herself, which never failed to entertain us. She made music a joyful class.
 I remember when I went trick or treating as my friend Lewis. We had switched clothes and hats and Lewis had even made masks of our faces by printing pictures of our faces onto cardboard. It was a fun costume, and I had a good time. It is a costume that I will never forget.
I remember all the years that my family and I have gone to Waterloo Park in Christmas Eve, to see all of the stunning lights. The entire park was clustered with glittering Christmas lights set up in shapes varying from Pokemon to dinosaurs to Batman! I remember the plastic house set up with plastic elves working away inside, lit up like a normal home. It’s a great family tradition that brings us all together.


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