I Remember – Skylar

I Remember

By: Skylar Fischer

 I remember, the very first time I went swimming. I was three months old and did not want to get out of the water, when it was time to go. From that day on, my mom and godmother, the two most important people to me, called me “their little dolphin”.

I remember, when my friends came to visit me, I was really sick and was out of school for 2 weeks .I hadn’t had a shower in 5 days and reeked. When they got there, they said, the teacher told them to give me my homework. I thought it was ok and knew I was going back tomorrow. But that’s when they told me the 12 pages of homework were due the next day. I ended up pretending to stay sick for a few more days.

 I remember, the very first time I acted on a stage. I was so scared; it was in front of 100 people. I even threw-up. I just knew I would screw up. But in the end, I did great.

I remember, the first time my parents really showed that they trusted me. They gave me a cell phone after 2 years of constant asking. When I finally decided to give up, my parents surprised me by giving me a cell phone on Christmas Eve. It was the exact Blackberry I asked for. It was one of those points in time, when I really knew my parents loved me.

 I remember, when I continually threw my hamster, Rockstar, on the ground like a basketball because my “so-called friend” Lauren told me to. I felt like a murderer when I figured out he died.

I remember when, I met my best friends. It was over the summer of 2012. I was sick in the infirmary and that’s when I met Claire and Erin. They were sick as well and the nurse made us stay in the next-door room, so she could keep an eye on us with our fevers. We had an instant connection. We had to stay in the room for the rest of the camp session because we never got better. Every rest hour, every night, we would non-stop talk. There is no way to really explain them, or our friendship. But I know no one can replace them.

 I remember when I wrote a monologue about Haley Streets, right after she died. When I read it to the other kids in my acting class I was on the verge of tears. She was so close to me, I will never forget her.

 I remember my first day of school, I was 4 years old and I was very excited. I couldn’t wait to meet the kids in my class and my teacher.

  I remember, when I got my cat, Sparkle, she was a year old and about the size of my foot. She was the most adorable thing I ever saw. Then she grew up.


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