I Remember

By Colin

         I remember my grade 5 teacher Mr Jolly. He was tall I was up to his chin at the time he didn’t have hardly any hair. He was so much fun when we had extra time he would take us outside to play soccer, volleyball and basketball, he was the volleyball coach at my old school. He was the kind of teacher that would help you any way he could.

       I remember summer camp. We told lots of funny things at camp like joke and pranks that we did. One funny thing that happened in the cabin was three of kids built a fort. In the cabin then my friend set a rope to pull down the fort. Then one kid tripped over the rope and fell face first into the door of the cabin. The scenery was beautiful in the morning on out trip the thin layer of mist over the water in the sunrise.

         I remember my old cat Zazoo a Gray and white cat who bonded with me. We loved to sleep together in my bed. He liked to play and fight he would play with me than at night he would go out and fight other cats. I had him since he was a kitten then shortly after we moved he died of a stroke. It had a large impact on me I still miss him till this day. 

     I remember going to Cuba because of the beautiful things I saw. It was my first time going this far from home and on a plane. When we got to Cuba it was dark out because we left at night. In the morning my dad and I went to look around the resort and we saw little lizards running around the place we tried to catch them but they were to fast.

       I remember touching sharks and stingrays at the Toronto zoo marine exhibit. There were two kinds of sharks in the tank, bonheads sharks and nurse sharks. The rays they had were the cow nose rays and southern stingrays. It was the first time I had touched a shark or a stingray. They felt so weird, rays the most, they felt like sandpaper, as you got closer to the tale. The sharks had two different fillings to the. The bonhead sharks felt like rubber. The nurse shark felt like sandpaper thru out their whole body.

      I remember getting my first guitar for Christmas. It was an acoustic guitar (Ibanez). I loved the instruments so much. A month after Christmas when I got it I started tacking lessons. I’ve been playing for three years now and I’m getting better all the time.

     I remember going to see Lady Gaga for my first consort. It was very adrenalin flowing, I saw some amazing thing stage dive sand robotic monsters. She put such a good show. The encore was amazing to; her whole band came up and took a bow.

        I remember going to the US (Florida). This was my first time going on a vacation. Being in the US was fun we went swimming in the Gulf of Mexico. There were late night shows that I went to. One was an escape artist, they raped him up in chains then it took some time but he got out.

     I remember starting school. School was fun I liked it very much. I still have the memory of my friends from kindergarten. It was sad to watch them go as time went on. School was fun back in kindergarten I loved going to the out side yard. At the end of the day my teacher would let us play till our parents came to get us.


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